Night of Notables

One of my favorite events the local school has is the third graders' Night of Notables. They each pick a noteworthy character they want to represent, then research, prepare a poster with information, write a speech. They practice speaking in front of each other, and the other classes in school. Then one night the parents and community are invited to see and hear the students, now all dressed up like the characters they represent. 
Alexa was Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor in the US. Elizabeth came here as a 16-year old from England. Her younger sister also became a doctor (the other girl in the second extra was her). Next to her on the other side was Theodore Roosevelt, then George Washington. There were inventors and authors and astronauts, actors and sports figures. Very fun, and informative.
After that we went across the street to the high school auditorium to hear Jett play percussion instruments in the 5th grade band concert. 
Full night!

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