Hope springs eternal

It was a frosty but very sunny start to the day. A bit of sunshine makes us all feel better. I had an early appointment with the doctor and then we went to pick up some bits and pieces for the birthday girl's party tomorrow. Excitement is reaching a crescendo. She was taking cupcakes in for her class so they will all be very excited too. The sugar rush will make sure of that. Friday is her special day when Mammy takes her to Nursery and picks her up. I got on with making a veg stew in the slow cooker for tonight and then had a wander round the garden. This time last week the borders were under 20 cm of snow and the plants were well and truly squashed. They are so resilient and they have all bounced back. The daffodils will soon be opening too. It seems to be Friday and the weekend again - enjoy. 

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