Mill race .......

....... though not racing today.  Previously photographed by ArcLight when actually racing!  

It snowed last night, several inches, which freshened the rather grey scenery, but of course had absolutely no deleterious effect on the Finnish daily life.  See extra for a rather nice bit of art.  It has continued to snow gently all day.  ArcLight and Alf have planned a great itinerary for us.  Today was an opportunity to see more of Helsinki itself.  We took the tram out to Arabianranta (the Arabia shoreline), where we walked out onto the "water".  We walked up the inlet, eventually up onto a bridge, from where I took this photo.

We then visited some design shops in an old industrial complex, and enjoyed a coffee and sandwich, before catching another tram back into the city centre, where we had walk around the Senate Square and harbour area.  Another drink in the old market hall and a final tram back to the flat.  

We're off out for a meal this evening.  

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