Energy: low

Bit of an energy low at the moment. 
I'm a bit fed up about a few things:
1. With day after day without sunshine - seriously, only a few very short glimpses in the last week.
2. Ages without Keith, I'm used to almost 24/7 companionship these days - and I like it. Talk about dependency!
3. Without blip comments in both directions, I am incredulous over how much of a loss it is. Which is good to know!
4. With low energy levels and a certain lack of focus.
5. With the letter "N" deciding not to work properly on the computer, but at least the space bar is workig as it should. I leave the spellig mistakes i to show you what keeps happening with that N thing. Unless I press deliberately NNNNNNNNnnnnnnnn.
6. The Guardian webpage is down, or something. Dreadful!

Reasons to be cheerful abound:
We had a lot more snow in the night so I spent a while rearranging it. I still love snow, however much we get, and however much work it creates. The world is whiter than white and very beautiful.

The little grey car has decided to collapse, I discovered that just after I had swept it clean and was ready to drive to town yesterday. So I have been attempting to recharge the batteries. There wasn't a lot going on for several hours, but eventually the light lit up, indicating "charging" was actually happening. (If only it were that easy to recharge my own!)

Had a long conversation with Keith as he relaxed in the Alpine hotel, that was lovely. Roll on Monday.

I went up to Betty's and had a very pleasant play for 2 or 3 hours. I have a number of ideas in my head but they don't seem to want to come out. In this sort of situation I resort to sorting and mounting, tidying up old stuff and reworking things. That often gets the juices flowing again. My God-daughter Louise has her birthday on Monday so I was thinking of a picture for her.

The shutter release and zoom button worked completely normally today, after being stuck and unruly for weeks.

I have finished off 3 knitting projects today and started on another, G&T has happened and there is a very tasty pasta dish for dinner - and fresh pineapple for pudding. 

In other news: An elderly loved one is fading fast, as she wishes to, so there has been a lot of WhatsApping today and the clan is gathering. Apart from the far flung, and the very far flung members. We are just very busy on WhatsApp and hoping that supports the ones who are doing all the hands on caring. 

Comments are going on, I feel like I need to treat myself!
The extra is the postboxes, almost engulfed by the white stuff!!

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