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My entry for Flower Friday. Huge thanks to Anni - BikerBear for hosting this marvellous challenge.
First one, then two, then all the lights of our old string of fairy lights went out. Luckily Mischa gave me a new one for my birthday in January.
And now we enjoy every night the lights of the new one.
In the morning, how could it be different, I worked in the garden and although I could not finish what I had hoped for, I am still happy about it.
The weather very pleasant, and we lunched outside on the balcony, and tired as I was, I slept there too.
Then after 3 pm we drove to Helmarshausen for our walk.
We walked around the Mittelberg, always an easy and pleasant walk.
When we entered the village, we chose to climb the hill.
I like to look at all the different styles of the houses and also how the gardens are constructed. Some a bit wild, some (only a handful) full of rocks and stone, the snowdrops, the crocuses, the aconites, the first spring bulbs with their flowers.

Tomorrow again a Silly Saturday Challenge. The tag is #SilS75, or #SillySaturday75, and also #SillySaturday.
I smile in advance!

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