a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Experimental Photography: Radical Exposure

I have watched a number of others on Blipfoto having a go at Marcus Hediger's really excellent experimental photography challenge, with great results. For some reason I was slow to pick up on this challenge,  which I rather regret.  So today I thought it was high time that I gave it a go.

This low key image of the iconic Fender Stratocaster headstock is for all intents and purposes straight out of the camera.  I have slightly sharpened the image, but the exposure is as the shot was taken.  It took me quite a while playing with the lighting until I managed to get a result that dramatically lit the guitar whilst not lighting up the room behind it.  I could do with some sort of studio backdrop really :-)

I realise on looking back at some of my blips that I have a bias towards low key shots, particularly with some of my mono work.  I must try to have a go at a few high key shots, to see how I get on.   I suspect I will find it considerably harder.

On a different note, I hasten to point out that yesterday's collage featured multiple shots of the same 6 bottles.  Before you all jump to the conclusion that I am a raging alcofrolic it is also worth my pointing out that  while I do have 6 bottles of whiskey, in the cupboard, I've had some of them for quite a while (years not months).  I know that once opened the spirit starts to loose some of its taste etc., so that I really should only have one open at any one time, but I do like to ring the changes. 

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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