On final approach

Late this afternoon, in anticipation of the mudflats being uncovered, I went down the steps to Southend of Snells Beach. I was a bit too soon, and so I went along to the rocks off the headland between Southend and Fidelis Cove (my names for these areas). There I saw a group of Tarapunga (Red Billed Gull) making a lot of noise, and appearing to be fighting with each other in almost random fashion. There was no obvious food that they were fighting over. before I could get close enough to really see, they all flew off together.

On some rocks jutting out into Kawau Bay were four Tara (White fronted terns) and a collection of Torea (Pied and Black Oystercatchers). They often seem to share rocks to roost on. The Torea left, and then so did the Tara, but they only went a short distance and were joined by others. I liked this photo best of those I took of the latecomers flying in, with Kawau Island in the distance.

My extra is of a White faced heron, having just caught a small crab (I think).

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