By seizetheday

Berwick in the sun

After a morning of yet more shredding, I left the office at lunchtime for an appointment at the ENT Department. Surprisingly, it wasn't at Berwick Infirmary, but at a surgery in Tweedmouth. It was quicker to walk from the office than to wait for catch two buses, and a very pleasant walk it was too. With the added attraction of Blip opportunities by the Tweed! This is a view across the river, with the Old Bridge to the left of the photo.

The appointment lasted an awful lot somewhat longer than anticipated, but I left in the  knowledge that my ears, nose and throat all look to be perfectly healthy. (The middle ear infection that my GP suspected must have cleared up and, no MrM, I do not need hearing aids!)

Just about time before the bus was due to dash up the hill to that well-known store to buy a meal for two with wine, all for £10. What a treat for tomorrow evening, and amazing value given that the dessert will last for 2 days.

Late afternoon we set off to O and V's to shut in their chickens and ducks for the night, and then carried on to Alnwick for a meal at Carlo's (yes, again!) and to tackle a supermarket shop. Very glad to get home after that...

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