FlowerFriday09_2018 Daffodils

I do have daffodils blooming in the garden now, but they are miniatures and rather reluctant open properly, so supermarket flowers it is!
Today I had the help of Daughter #1 which makes the weekly visit to Tumble Tots rather easier: finding a parking place is getting increasingly difficult so I'm delighted when can drop her with Violet, just outside the hall, then park at leisure.
After TT, we decided that a visit to Ikea was a better alternative to being at home trying not to touch freshly painted doors!  Lunch (see extra) was made more exciting for V as they've  now added a play garden area which she loved and had 'a party' as she put it, with a couple of other small customers.  We left at 5pm, laden as always with things that (mostly) we didn't realise we needed!
Many thanks for hosting to Biker Bear who has been in my new favourite place, Singapore, and is now somewhere very fabulous that I've not quite identified as yet!

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