Electrical Machine 1784

Today we visited the first exhibition in the Lowlands by the sea on the brightest star of the Italian Renaissance, Raphael. The exhibition contains dozens of examples of Raphaels sketches and a couple of paintings.

One can follow his career and see how he incorporated those great artistic innovations in his days into his work. A special attraction is the so called Raphael Unraveled, which focuses on a debate about the authenticity of one of the drawings in the museums collection. One is invited to cast ones vote one way or the other: is the drawing yes or no by Raphael.

There was one problem: making pictures of the exhibition was prohibited. I didn't choose for a copy photo of one of the images of the exhibition guide.
I tried to make an impression of a huge Electrical Machine, constructed by Martinus van Marum in 1784. In Dutch it's called 'De grote elektriseermachine' which I translated as you can read above but perhaps has to be translated in English as Electrostatic Generator. I'm not sure about it. It's a huge 'machine' from which you can see here the middle section.

Although the machine is largely made of yellow copper, I chose for a cool toned B/W fading to white with vignetting ... ;)

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