By RealSandee

Beach & Firefighters

It started great. Breakfast, cleaning (again I know), watching Dr Who and cooking boiled eggs. Then D decided to go out for lunch. I agreed.

Went to Café Class for a nice vegetarian Scottish Breakfast.

After this we picked up M who was totally hungover and we drove to Gullane beach. We walked for two hours and went for a tea and cake afterwards in my favourite café 'The Village Coffee House' which we always visit when we are there.

On the way back home (appr. a 40 min driving way) I realised I haven't switched off the hob with my boiling eggs on it. I called 999 and my landlord. Explained them what happened. My heart was in my pants, my tears almost out, my brain fuming as I kept thinking of people in the house, buring alive, explosion etc. Oh my god what was I thinking?

We had to get off the motorway as there was an accident so we drove through Musselburgh to Seafield where a taxi was waiting for me and M. D had to return the van we were hiring. The firefighters and the landlord were waiting for me.

THANKFULLY NO FIRE!! The hob was off. God I forgot I turned it off (well thankfully!)

Got a fire safety instruction and experienced a nice landlord's hangover haha. All fine but I was a wreck. I cried like a baby thinking I killed people. So happy nothing happened.

I gave all my remaining Swiss chocolate to the lovely firefighters and my landlord. Trying to make it up haha

What a day!!

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