Change of Plan

There have been a couple of these today.  M had to go to Oban today but by the time he reached Craignure he'd developed a migraine so cancelled, took some pills and waited till he could drive home again.  Silver lining meant that I could take Jess for a longer walk so headed for Aros.  I started from the upper carpark and walked through the walled garden towards the grassy area.  Someone with two extremely bouncy boisterous dulux dogs was there and one zebedeed in our direction.  Jess has met them before and doesn't like them, and disappeared in the opposite direction.  I found her back in the walled garden so took a different route that included the track up past the old gardener's cottage.  Some might be a bit spooked by the tall trees and lack of light but I find it incredibly peaceful and calming.

Hope everyone is having a peaceful calm weekend.

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