Glass Wash

I started two too many jobs this morning, dishwashing all the glasses in our ‘glasses’ cupboard being one of them – two and a half full dishwasher loads to be precise.  A day or so ago I noticed that most of the glasses at the back had been covered in the same fine (calcium) dust featured back in February.  The dust was from two ultrasonic humidifiers we used last winter, and got anywhere that air could get.  The humidifiers went to charity last summer!
These are just some of the clean glasses that I snapped in breaks in the Rugby matches this afternoon.  Processing compliments of Colour Efex Pro from the ‘Nik Collection’ (IR effect).
As I was very silly to bite of more than I had time to chew today I will enter myself for Silly Saturday SilS75.  Many thanks to Admirer for hosting.

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