One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Busy Saturday

Up at the crack of dawn (09:30), to see the Spanish students off, on their way to Glendalough. It transpired later that Glendalough is still snowed off, and after a quick stop at the visitors’ centre, the bus took them to Humdrum shopping centre instead. Poor things. There is more culture in a yoghurt past its sell-by date than in that dreaded place.

After dropping Finnzy-Bob and Mrs Raheny for their soccer match in Cabinteely park (he sweating on the pitch, she yapping on the side line), Mimi and I went off to Tallaght to buy a car. Don’t get excited (I’m not), another Dacia, still the cheapest way to get from A to B.

The fact that I showed little enthusiasm (that wasn’t hard to fake) took the salesman by surprise when he realised that after all he may be within sight of the most unlikely sale of the morning. I got surprisingly more equity from the current car and he got a sale out of nowhere. There and then.

Then quick lunch of delicious Spanish cold meats (Lucas and Pablo couldn’t have found a better way to get in our good books!)
Then off to Pepe’s with Mimi and Finn (petrified at the idea of crashing the current Dacia, now that it is worth EUR1,600 more than yesterday…) for some rugby action. The chemo is beginning to take its toll on poor old Pepe. Still, he found the energy to shout and jump up as the home team cruised to a championship win (England were never going to score four tries in Paris…). He was tired from all the rejoicing. Good complaint.  

I see that he is already planning the end of chemo celebrations. I spotted a bottle of Krug in the fridge, and he has unearthed a bottle of Hennessy XO from a secret cache.

Mrs Hicks sausages pasta for dinner and a game of Risk while sipping (ok, gulping) a few beers. Then unexpected walk to the petrol station for milk. Listening to some random tunes on Spotify on the way.
Came across the only Song that gets to rhyme
‘She puts the kettle on the boil’
‘And always has a smoile’

Overall a good day. I hope that Pepe sleeps well tonight. He was certainly knackered from all the cheering.  

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