Stairway to Heaven

Probably not, but I do love Led Z.  Stairs on a silo down at the wharf.

This morning I had to photograph a family that were together for an 80th birthday.  Difficult as the sunshine was extremely bright and the area had so much dappled light, was hard to get their faces without the dapples.  But, I think I succeeded and they were a neat and understanding group.  
I question why I say yes to these requests, as I get so nervous before hand, but once I've got my bossy boots on and start clicking away the nerves subside somewhat.
The photos look OK, but I won't start editing until tomorrow, after all its Sunday - day of rest.
Have two trays of cherry tomatoes ready for the oven after tea tonight......Nigella's Moonbrush Tomatoes....sooooo delish !


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