A Gaggle of Geese on a Gameland Pond

Go into the woods, and you will discover a world hanging on the cusp between late winter and early spring. There is still some snow here and there, but ice is melting on the beaver ponds. The evergreens are looking sharp, and their reflections are shining on the newly open waters.

On this, a lovely early March afternoon, my husband and I decided to go for a hike in our local gameland, SGL 176 the Scotia Barrens. If you go, be sure to wear your waterproof shoes and watch your step, as the pathways are paved in mud and ice and overrun with water. Spring is trying to arrive; it's a messy process indeed, but well worth it.

As we rounded a corner and headed toward one of the larger beaver ponds, we heard a whole lot of honking going on. As we got closer, we could see and hear the source: about a half-dozen Canada geese were hanging out on the pond. They honked at us, and at each other, very loudly indeed.

But as we stood quietly at the pond's edge and observed them, they quickly grew used to us and quieted down. This seemed a peaceful moment, as several geese went sailing upon the green reflections of trees. (Bonus: more reflections in the extra photo.)

The fact that there was a whole lot of honking going on inspired me to select this tune as my soundtrack song: Jerry Lee Lewis, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.

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