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Mother's Day

Today in the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day is celebrated; this is not the same as Mothering Sunday.
So my daughter and my granddaughter visited, leaving the men in the family, to their own devices. Today’s picture shows my Mother’s Day card and presents from my daughter; two Pandora charms.
Not a very pleasant day weather wise, some rain and very overcast skies.
Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?
People from Ireland and the UK started celebrating Mother's Day (celebrated on Sunday 11 March 2018) on the same day that Mothering Sunday was celebrated, the fourth Sunday in Lent. The two celebrations have now been mixed up, and many people think that they are the same thing.
In later times, Mothering Sunday (this year celebrated on Sunday 13 May 2018) became a day when domestic servants were given a day off to visit their mother church, usually with their own mothers and other family members. Eventually, the religious tradition evolved into the Mothering Sunday secular tradition of giving gifts to mothers.
Information taken from the many references on the Internet    

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