One Wheel On My Barrow

It has rusted solid and will not turn…. wondering if it is worth bothering to replace it.

I didn’t sleep well last night as the dog choir decided to kick in to full voice just after we went to bed - and they kept it up for well over an hour!

I was up just after six, closely followed by Jessica - and we spent three hours together, playing and eating breakfast!

We then met up with our daughter, her husband and our son for brunch at Castleford. The children and grandchildren duly handed over Mother’s Day gifts!

Then back to our place for daughter to collect her two dogs and transfer Jessica and her paraphernalia to her car.

I’ve taken Finlay out for his walk - we are both now ready for a sleep! No chance to catch up on journals this morning - and hardly much time to take a photo - as you can tell!

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