Beauty Happens

The rain is bringing out the flowers, more each day; this is an asphodel (asphodelus fistulosus). I got soaked walking home from Cecílio and Ermelinda's, freezing in the cold wind, and then the sun came out and made sparkles all round me as I walked up to our Land, surrounded by these tall flowers. And then rain, and then sunshine again, and lots of wind.

Cecílio had made us a starter with wild asparagus, and then spaghetti carbonara (and other dishes) - first time an Alentejano has served us a pasta dish - it was superb. As was the conversation.

But I'm finding it hard living on the Land. As I came out of the shower - just a bucket with warm water - last night, I caught my foot in the open channel Mike has hacked all the way across the floor to drain off the water, tried to save myself and ended up blistering my arm on the wood stove. Everything feels damp and cold, and difficult, and dirty, and seems endless...

But then beauty happens.

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