Coffee Gadget(s)

Back-blipped, last minute diary shot ...

I have far too many coffee gadgets, but I do like a good espresso, so as our old machine has been deteriorating for a while we bought a new one last week.  

Not such a good day for Gill, our daughter was intending to visit but had to cancel as her own daughter has picked up a sickness bug,  Gill went to Waitrose in Stratford (on Mother's day) to collect the machine so there it was when I came home from work. Of course, the shop was full of people buying flowers etc for their mums, and then I was late home as my colleague was stuck in traffic around the M42 which was heavy with people leaving after the last day of Crufts.

The pear and apricot frangipane I made for my colleagues was a great success, but as it contains butter, I couldn't even bring a piece home for Gill!

Perhaps we can re-run mother's day next Sunday!

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