The Guardian

It rained all morning so I got ahead with preparing our evening meal which we share with our granddaughter on Monday nights. I had a very brief walk with the camera and didn't manage any decent shots in the murk. The greenfinches are back, calling wheezingly from the pussywillow. This crow and its mate were cawing loudly above me in the southerly oak. 

A group of people on Twitter get together for Crow Talk Hour and I noticed a post from Crow Artist @Wulfgnar. He's doing a project called The Guardian about how crows protect other birds and their territories. His sketches were accompanied by this which stuck in my mind.

"I am the guardian
     Other birds hear my warnings
     They feel safe in my woods
I will protect
     I fight those that bring harm to us
     My murder patrols the land and skies
I am a hunter
     I gorge on the dead
     I eat meat joyously
I am intelligent
     I plan for the future
     I build granaries
My Murder is a powerful dynasty
     No Crow steps out of line
     We honour our dead"   

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