By schorschi

Official lighting

Lazy week having started by taking the Monday off and attending an event at the children's school in Haslemere. Tuesday fly to Munich and then with Nigel make the drive up to Nürnberg for the night.

Today at 11:00 am was the official opening of the first ever Spaghetti Factory restaurant in Germany, a converted ex Wienerwald restaurant. 

The story of Spaghetti factory and its Swiss origins have been detailed before.

The restaurant was located in the centre of the city so able to catch a few sites but not the famous Christmas Market in full swing. A nice place to walk around with its medieval walls and buildings.

Lunch, drinks, the pleasantries and then back to Munich in the afternoon.
Nice work if you can get it.

Nowadays as I post, the restaurant is called "Burgerista" and I leave it up to your imagination as to what is on the menu.

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