By schorschi

4th Betriebsprüfungskommission

First, let me say this is not my work but from a design company JÜTA ENTERPRISES of Zürich who went into liquidation in the late 90s and have been removed from the Swiss Company Listings. I cannot, therefore, contact them.

The contract to produce this postcard, one of a series of six in my possession, was given by my then employer Grand Metropolitan Retailing as marketing giveaways in the restaurants.

The start of the company's involvement in this business is described earlier.


Drove up from Munich with Nigel in the afternoon the day before to meet up with the team and to take them out for dinner at the newly opened Spaghetti Factory in the city. The plan at that time was that the brand would be rolled out all over Germany. The plan never happened.

Today was the official team meeting of the audit team and I am sure it was Nigel with his mastery of German out of two large volumes of English-German Pons dictionaries that had come up with the title "Betriebsprüfungskommission" which sounds about as bad as the 1945 Nürnberger Prozesse (gegen die Hauptkriegsverbrecher) or Nurnberger Trials of the main Nazi leaders.

My Time Management diary with its special sheets for meetings simply notes the day, time, location and the words "See typed meeting notes from Nigel.". Thanks, Nigel.

Back in Munich that evening, I made an offer on a flat I had been looking at in a town on the edge of western Munich - Eichenau in the county of Fürstenfeldbruck. It was accepted. I was about to experience how quickly the German banking and legal system can react when there is money to be made. More to follow.

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