Life through the lens...

By ValC

Wild wet and windy Wednesday.

Wet and wild, sums up today, but I just love to see the sea like this.
So sorry I can't put the sound track to this photo on Blip.
This is the same beach I photographed on our first day. See here.
It was difficult to stand up while taking this photo, and the rain was beating down too. Just managed to take a few photos before the camera got wet.
Mr C drove me to Perranuthnoe  beach, but stayed in the car!
I was the only one about.

We had driven over to Newlyn in the morning, to buy some Gurnard.
We had it pan fried for tea with potatoes sauteed with pancetta, frozen peas, and Kalettes.
If you have never heard of Kalettes I have put a photo on as an extra.
I hadn't heard of them before, but they had some at the farm stall just down the road.
They are a cross between sprouts and kale. Bred in England and
 introduced to the UK market in 2010. They were then called Flower Sprouts, but weren't popular, and so they changed the name.
Well we really enjoyed them tonight, and will see if we can find any when we return home.
May even ask our local farm if they can grow some.

Also an extra of the amphibius vehicle crossing to St Michael's Mount in the high sea.
Glad we weren't on that this morning!

So for Wide Wednesday " colour" a grey day! Thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting.
Also Wild Wednesday. Thanks to Caileach for hosting.

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