Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Last theatrics

they invited me
to see their work in progress
i won't see the play

This is another theatre group, not the one I played with and photographed one last time on Monday. I know everyone in this group too, because either I've played with them in the past, or they're part of my choir group - or both. For two of them - Pierre-Yves (here with the flying scarf) and Manuela, they are also in my theatre group, which means I have three reasons for knowing them.

The play they're rehearsing is a short piece (about twenty minutes long) that takes place in a train station. Overheard conversations between passengers, between passengers and people who are seeing them to their train, phone conversations, a conversation between two hobos... They all play quite a number of characters, and it's a lively play. I would have loved to see them on 14 April but, although I'll be back on the 13th for a medical appointment, I will also go back that day... At least I saw the play being rehearsed - and even got to see it twice!

I hope they break a leg!

As for us, we're putting the final touches to our boxes. We're leaving on Friday and Julie won't be back. I'll be driving back on Tuesday for a last few things to settle and to welcome the movers on Thursday morning.

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