By CoffeePotter

Spring Flowers

Only the daffodils are out of our garden, as we have swathes of them right now. The others are courtesy of Mr Tesco.
A few minutes after I took this, I dropped a box of (home made) Thai curry which I had made a while ago and frozen. It had just finished thawing out and I had taken the lid off it. When it hit the floor, the chicken stayed in the box, but the sauce, including lots of pea aubergines, went everywhere. Up my legs, chest and face (including my glasses) on kitchen cupboards (both base units and wall units), onto C's camera which was on the worktop, and even onto the ceiling, as well as the cooker and fridge. I couldn't believe what a mess it made. It took me about an hour to clean it up (C had to do the ceiling as I couldn't reach). I found one pea aubergine about 15 feet away at the other end of the room. Thankfully there was plenty left for our dinner, albeit a little dry after I'd used the sauce for decorating the kitchen! 
In the morning I went to a "Dance-Fit" class at our local leisure centre, which I joined this week. It was really good fun as well as great exercise. 

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