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By Sallymair

Egg hunt

Yucky day today but I had arranged to take 'E' out for a treat to Craigie Farm. We used to go lots but haven't been since 'I' was born and she is now 18months, so long overdue a visit. 'E' used to love seeing the animals, today's weather meant it was not tempting to go wading through the mud though so we contented ourselves with visiting the hens and pigs.
Normally we visit the laying boxes to see if we can find some eggs to take home for lunch, we're usually lucky if we find any but today there were around 40... other families had obviously cried off because of the weather.
The extra is of a hen which, when we opened the egg tray, clucked loudly then stuck her head through and pulled an egg back very efficiently using her neck and (do hens have them?) chin. She moved very quickly, so it is rather a blurry image of her but it made us laugh.
The farm lady who was around heard us laughing and said that they had started doing that and then eating them, so went round and shooed the hen away,

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