Mum's wall

Got packed up this morning; my brother picked me up about 10am, and we drove to Somerset.  Dropped in at my Mum's to see my sister briefly and to pick up the car from her - so Iain could go straight home after seeing my Mum in the hospital, and I could drive myself back to hers.

Got to the hospital (sweet little community hospital in nice countryside) about 3pm, and stayed with Mum until 5pm (slightly flaunting the visiting hours but no one seemed to mind).  She looked amazingly well!  Such a relief to see her looking so good.  I think she'd much rather be back home, but she said they're all very lovely there and the food's good, so don't think it's too bad a place to be for now.

Came back to Wells and picked myself up some dinner ingredients at Morrisons.  Cooked when I got in, saw my brother-in-law briefly (he'd come to drop some stuff of at my Mum's), spoke to Tim, and then headed over to my sister's for a couple of hours.  Lovely to see the whole family.  Had a couple of glasses of wine with them, then walked back up to Mum's (talking to Tim on the way) and went straight to bed, exhausted!

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