Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


I spoke to a good friend on the phone today, it hit home at how much I’ve lost at the moment.

Here’s the monotony of my day:

Get up
Eat Breakfast
Start taking the various tablets that I have to consume through the day
Work / Stream / Or worry about dialysis
Worry about what I’m going to have for dinner.  Please God not another chicken tikka wrap
Take more tablets
Work / Stream / Or be stuck in dialysis
Worry about what I’m going to have for tea
Take more tablets
Is there anything good on the TV?
Sleep or at least attempt to sleep
An accident had happened in work last night.  I enquired about the situation.  It appears I’m being left out of email conversations because of my situation.  I understand but I also find it incredibly frustrating.  I feel useless.  I have no motivation.  I can’t go for a walk, or a bike ride, heck I can’t even drive all that well with this flipping thing in my neck and chest.  I want my life back.

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