Out and about.....

......with blipper JMK by my side at Halswell Quarry.

Halswell Quarry is a park on the fringe of Christchurch with walks, historic sites and six sister-city gardens. The small botanical collections of each garden is interspersed with sculptures and seats allowing a place to sit and reflect on the area. The sister-city gardens were opened 17 February 2001.

My collage shows the Songpa-Gu of South Korea with guardian poles and sculptures. The bridge is a memorial to the New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives in the Korean War during the 1950s. It was a quiet spot where the sun beamed down upon us, we could see the clouds gathering out west as bad weather was forcasted for later in the day. Birds were calling, monarch butterflies were fluttering, people were walking, it really was a lovely place to sit and reflect for a while, although it was quite windy. We were hoping to see some autumn colour but it's to early in the season.

Thanks J for a lovely day out, it was so nice to see a part of the city I rarely visit with it being on the 'other' side, a part which requires many more visits to do it justice.

Later in the day, the weather changed from being warm to cold, the sky became heavy and as I drove home the rain fell but not for long. 

This has become a backblip, my eyes tired, sore and itchy from being in the wind - it was worth every minute! :)

Happy weekend everyone :)

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