I did not expect that!

Woke up today to see snowflakes falling.... not a lot but enough to give a chilly covering to Alison's garden.  
Today was the day to come home so I left with snow falling lightly and travelled west. The snow fall stopped around Andover thankfully.  The traffic was light and drivers were sensible, travelling carefully and relatively slowly.  
When I got to Taunton I decided to go home over the moor to see if any snow had fallen .... there was a very slight smattering.  
I am now on Max sitting duties so still not at home, but will go there tomorrow to check on the house before returning to this house for a couple of weeks.  
I will also endeavour then to catch up on the last few days blips. 
Sincere apologies for my tardiness but being out of internet provision is quite interesting..... I read a full  hard back book during the week and we chatted an awful lot about our fifty year friendship and things that have happened over that time. The odd glass might have been imbibed too!
I got back in time to see the second half of the Six Nations Ireland/England match. Well done Ireland - Grand Slam champs on St Patrick's day.....

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