... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. Pancras: Snow Train

More surprisingly rétro in large.

I went to photograph the nose of the train sticking out into the falling snow (= Extra), but the driver spotted me and offered me a look in the (unexpectedly tiny and dated-seeming) cab. Taken for a train spotter? I should have asked whether it was a Boeing or an Airbus... It's actually the Eurostar aimed directly for the Alps (the "snow train" or "ski train"); the speedometer reads "0" here, 15 minutes before launch, but we peaked at 155mph in England and 189mph in France (according to my phone's GPS).

There's WiFi here in the mountains, but it's v. slow... Back-blipping might be more straightforward, but we'll see.
Either way, more anon.

La Plagne 2018 album (this day is right from here).

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