Snowy web

Had a fabulous lie-in this morning - over 9 and a half hours sleep - bliss!  Had a pretty lazy morning after that, too - stayed in my PJs until nearly midday, then got myself up and washed and dressed.  Had some lunch, then drove over to Wincanton to see my Mum again.  She had had another good sleep - chemically induced - but is starting to feel pretty fed up with being stuck in the hospital, which is understandable.  We had a lovely afternoon together though, having a good old chat and doing a couple of crosswords together - and I think she was feeling a bit better by the time I left.

Had some dinner when I got back, then my sister and the kids came over for a couple of hours.  Had a lovely evening with them, then saw them off into the snowy night.  Starting to wonder if I really will be going home tomorrow....  Will have to see how things are in the morning....

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