this too, shall pass

By lenah

Where is Reinhold?

For a moment I thought he had gone under water because he did not want to be 'victimized' for the Silly Saturday challenge hosted by admirer.
But then I learned that most of his body parts had suffered from excessive hot tubbing and he was sent off to rehab except for his left hand. 
When he returns I will aim for a photoshoot and share his picture with you.
He is quite a character and has a penchant for the extraordinary;) A friend of mine hooked up with him in Germany while on vacation and talked him into following her to the US. 

It looks like I will be out of the trenches in a couple of weeks or maybe even sooner and have more time for Blip and not just post and run. A big thank you to everybody who takes the time to visit my journal. xx 

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