Daffodils in the Snow

The white stuff pretty much explains why we've stayed in today. Roads were clearing, but I hadn't been able to find a wheelchair to use at The Photography Show. Len was prepared to give up his ticket at the Leicester City vs Chelsea match to push me around. Given the weather conditions, he might actually prefer to watch it on the box later this afternoon.

The story of the opera last night was a bit flimsy, an excuse on which to hang romantic music. But it was very well sung, well acted and well staged. I could really feel the intensity in the singing. As the review in The Spectator had said, Ulrica had been costumed as a Marlene Dietrich lookalike.

Then I had to drive home. The tram was OK but as we approached Clifton South, I could see that the snow was getting deeper and that no one was about.

A young man very kindly lent me his arm to steady me as I stepped off the pavement at the tram terminal. He and his friend were really concerned about my being able to get  home safely, which I very much valued. It was the slope up to the roundabout that gave me most trouble. Ice had formed and the car was sliding about, but I got to the top and joined the traffic.

Once I finally joined the M1, the carriageway was reduced to two lanes in each direction and snow was settling on it. All the time, the fierce wind was blowing the snow across. Blizzard conditions.

As you can see, I got home safely.

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