MonoMonday: "Exotic" - Tea Tree Tingle!

Well, a "Tea Tree Tingle" sounds pretty exotic, doesn't it? And I believe that the Tea Tree comes from Australia, which sounds quite exotic to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.

Trouble is, there's a danger lurking there which has recently been discovered. Seemingly, excessive exposure to various "essential oils" (including Tea Tree Oil) can cause males to develop in places that they don't want to develop...

We're not sure whether we believe it though. My Editor says she's been using Tea Tree Oil shampoo on and off for years and it hasn't boosted her vital statistics at all...but I'm going to steer well clear of it myself!

Many thanks again to Nickimags888 for hosting MonoMonday this month, and giving me the opportunity to publicise this health warning :-))

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