Tai Chi Discs!

I discovered this adult gym this morning, in the playground at the side of Tesco.  So for any of our members who end up snowbound in Penistone, they will always be able to get their practice in.  I had half an hour to spare while my new tyre was fitted so I thought I'd wonder around onto the `show field' where I expected to see the snow lines field boundaries. Unfortunately I couldn't see the fields from just behind the supermarket (I've clearly not looked properly before) so I carried round the back until I came to the playground.  A new tyre fitted BUT then what do I spot as I got out of the car?  Someone has pranged the front drivers side near the headlamp - not a huge prang but you know how these things mount up in terms of cost.  And I thought bad luck came in threes not fours!

The good news is that he should have the part for our boiler tomorrow and is hoping to come and fit it around lunchtime.

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