Wanderings with a Camera

By DonRak

In Remembrance

As yesterday was the official launch of the 2012 Poppy Appeal, in England & Wales, by the Royal British Legion and in Scotland by Poppy Scotland I thought today's picture should feature the poppy.

These are part of a collection of Poppy Appeal items I've picked up since joining the Royal British Legion (RBL) a number of years ago.
You will notice that there are some slight differences in the poppies, in shape and inclusion, or exclusion, of the green leaf. What you can't see it one of the poppies has the black centre embossed 'Haig Fund' whilst the newer ones have 'Poppy Appeal'.
There are two Canadian poppies, one with a green centre and the other with a black centre; both have the stick pin attachment the same as the Scottish poppies.
I do have Scottish poppies but they are in a frame with my wife's grandfather's medals.
There are 4 different grave markers, 2 Christian (with and without a leaf), 1 Jewish and 1 Muslim; there is a antheist marker which is just a straight 'stick'.

The medals and Memorial Plaque were awarded to the next of kin of Private 6356 George Henry Lowe of the 1st Battalion, Canadian Infantry who was killed in action on the 10 March 1915 making him one of the early 1st Bn casualties.
His body is buried at Y Farm Military Cemetery, Bois Grenier in France; his parents were James and Mary Lowe, of 34, Newington Green, London.
The medals are, from left to right; 1914-1915 Star, War Medal & Victory Medal. The Memorial Plaque was made in Acton, Middlesex and is made from bronze.

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