By Bella888

widwed210318 People: On the beach

10:00 Take car for servicing. To Cotswold Outdoor for Factor 50 hat for him. Aspall overlooking Pier Approach. Garage just called. Finish Aspall, then walk up to collect loan car, and hopefully avoid rush hour as major road works along the only main thoroughfare through the front. Back home at 16:00’ish. Have a slice or (sshhh) two :-( of sourdough, bought a.m. from Crusty Bread, Moordown. with Seville Orange Marmalade

Now going on Mac. Had Lidl duvets which I loved, but too narrow for Ikea covers (their beds are wider and longer, which is great, but restricts where you can get bed linen). So bought lightweight Ikea 4 tog duvets to replace, but they don’t ‘breathe. So put on guest bed after finding Ikea now sells duck and goose 4 tog.

Bought them. Husband complained they ‘creak’ every time I turn (true), and am so hot - they are more like 12 tog. So going to check out Ikea’s full range, but think they won’t have what I want. Going to complain about the duck/goose tomorrow and hope they are sympathetic (they are usually very good). I am going to see how much it will cost to buy and ship from Germany, but think it will be exhorbitant.

Am I the only female who gets hot in bed and wants a lightweight, low tog, cotton covered duvet!

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