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Wootton Bassett

As we were passing through Wootton Bassett on our way to Jubilee Lake, Christiescruffs wondered aloud if we would see any swans. It so happened that I was just approaching Templars Firs, where the entrance to the former Wilts and Berks Canal is, and I knew that there were swans there. I pulled in to the car park and we were soon at the canal side, at the point where its current restoration currently comes to a sudden stop for a brief stretch.

A pair of swans were enjoying a free snack from a family of dog walkers and I got a few shots. We decided to explore eastwards along the path to see if there were any more, maybe some cygnets, further up, and walked past a couple of footbridges, by which time the grey day had turned very rainy. A mess of white feathers on the towpath had indicated the swans' currently preferred domicile, and when we reached that point on the way back, both swans had returned there. The male swan was preening itself and making contented gurgly noises as it did so. Although known as mute swans, they can make a small range of sounds of which this was one.

We did go on to the Jubilee Lake to take a look, and were impressed, but decided to explore it more fully on a finer day.

Driving back, I pulled over at Highway Common to say hello to Marese's three horses. She wouldn't thank me for posting up a picture of Easter here, as she had evidently recently enjoyed a thorough mud bath, so instead I include a link below to a beautiful 8-year old called Babe.


Blip #818
Consecutive Blip #031
Day #939

Swans On The Old Wilts & Berks
Ivy And Moss
Swan On The Bank
Mallards in The Rain

Lenses: Pentax 17-70mm, Sigma 70-300mm

Swan series
Wootton Bassett series
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Wilts and Berks Canal (Wikipedia page)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Julian Rachlin & friends with Mischa Maisky - Camille Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals - XIII Le Cygne (The Swan) (2007)
(Poem read by Roger Moore, from the Chamber Music Festival)

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