Melaleuca Blossom

Better known as the Paper Bark Tree, the tree itself is not at all spectacular with its constantly peeling grey bark its quite a scruffy looking tree, it blooms late Spring until early Autumn, it wasn't until i started doing blip a few years ago that i noticed these pretty intricate blossoms, when i get stuck for a blip i can always find a flower somewhere. 
On another note:
We have a cyclone off the coast of WA, Marcus, he trashed Darwin a couple of days ago causing wide spread damage, now its just off our coast heading for the South West, its now a category 5 packing winds of 208 km an hour, lucky its way out in the ocean where it will cause least damage, there has been a blanket of cloud along the coast for most of the day, its threatening rain but we haven't seen a drop yet, its expected to blow itself out by the weekend. 

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