what's the story?

 I was out walking in a local park and passed a metal railing which had many locks attached as has become a regular practice. People leave locks attached on odd public places to symbolise many things.. love, loss, marriage, commitment hope and memory.
Amongst the normal metalwork I saw a bright pink baby shoe and It stopped me in my tracks. I was with my 2 year old granddaughter and that's maybe why. It was very like one of hers.

I wonder what the story  was behind the shoe... was it symbolising loss, was it a new baby, was it , maybe, simply a misplaced shoe!
So often we encounter "the other" and  leave that meeting without being able to know much about that person, their story, their hopes and joys. Their sadness. We are left wondering, That's why we need to listen to others, to really try to understand them.
So, I hope it was simply a lost baby shoe... at least that way, the story becomes less sad. 

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