My father was a school inspector and he usually travelled in the area inspecting schools and talking to headmasters and teachers. The distances were usually short and his trips only lasted one or two days.
But on one occasion, he had to go to Paris, also as an inspector, for some exams at the Liceo Español Luis Buñuel.  That time he took my mother with him and they spent a full week there.
That was many years ago, but I still keep as a treasure some of the presents they brought to us from Paris.
This scarf by Givenchy was my favourite. I have used it so often that now it is shabby and worn out. But it still keeps its original colours.
Here is my particular homage to this elegant fashion  designer who left us a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I asked my mother if she remembered that trip to Paris. Unfortunately she does not remember a thing about something happened in the 60s, 70s, 80s...,  but she remembers the times of the Civil War and the Post War years as if they had happened just yesterday.

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