By dreaming

Flowers and bunnies

I took this photo in the office of our building's Assistant Manager.  She loves all things bright and cheerful, and her desk is always covered with bits and pieces and surrounded by hopeful sayings.  The bunnies and plants are new, as she is gearing up for Easter - the lobby of the building is already decorated for that holiday.

It's time for me to start taking funds out of my IRAs and 401Ks, as I've turned 70-1/2, and I've had to get the necessary forms and signatures and Fax them to the right parties. I did that today; now I just have to hope that those in charge of the next step will get to it right away.  I am not good about dealing with forms and deadlines, and I tend to put them off until the last minute.  Now I'll have to file taxes (ugh! because these funds will be taxable income, whereas my Social Security income is not.  I'm hoping this is the last of it.

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