Walmsley church

This morning I was exhausted and stressed. Early afternoon my walking friend phoned. Would I like to go for a walk?

We hadn’t seen the deer for quite a while so we went hunting for them. There is a lot of activity on the strip of land where they usually roam free, huge bulldozer type machines have been levelling the ground, maybe even diverting Eagley Brook that runs along the strip. We spotted the deer in a large shed.

Still wondering what is being done! Time will tell. I hope they are not thinking of building houses along that stretch and that the deer farm is going to disappear!

We walked on to see the graveyard and I took a photo of the church. (It’s met the polar coordinate filter in Affinity on my iPad! I liked the result!) Original in extras!

The daffodils at the end of my mother’s grave are only just in bud. We carried on. Through the bluebell wood and out by Deacons mill. Sat a bit by the coffee shop which is unfortunately closed on Saturdays and back to the main road! It’s my friends birthday today so we had a coffee and then walked back to my house for another coffee and a continued natter!! The weather was wonderful, even though the clouds were black!

One sad thing, we were attracted to one of the graves with two lovely bright balloons, one with a thirteen. It was the grave of a two week old baby girl, who would have been 13 today, had she lived.

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