"If only our elected leaders...

... were half as courageous as the Parkland kids" is a quote from one of the many posters in today's March for our Lives

What an event that was: young, old, black, white and every shade in between, all coming together in a respectful and intense few moments, where we seemed to commune in a renewed belief in humanity. So glad we went!

The most emotional moment was when Emma (see extra) gave her speech to cap the event: after a few introductory sentences, she just went completely silent for 6 minutes (the time it took the shooter to do his deed).  She didn't move, tears were running down her face, and the entirety of almost 400,000 people went and stayed completely silent as well.  The kind of moment that I'll remember forever and that sent chills down everyone's spine. 

People with voting registration documents worked the crowd and I saw many young adults registering to vote right there on the spot. Brilliant!

Oh what a day. May we all keep that wonderful spirit in our minds and work together to bring about much needed change.

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