Global Village

Got to spend some time with Sherry today in the morning.  We went into Karama for a bit of shopping. Back to meet up with Geraldine and the girls for a wonderful sizzlers lunch at Caesar's, a family favourite, which I haven't had in yeeeearrs.

We all then headed to Wafi  (main picture with amazing stained glass ceiling) to have a VERY quick game of air hockey cause Sherry really wanted to get a game in, with us all.

Then out towards the desert to the site where Global Village is permanently housed.  It runs in the cooler months from around November to March.  It's like an expo where they have pavilions from countries around the world.  We visited Jordan, Pakistan, Syria, Morocco, India, Iran, Africa, the Americas and a few more that I've forgotten.  

Please see the extra where there is a carpet weaver demonstrating his amazing skill.  Geraldine and I were mesmerised and watched him for about 5 minutes as he worked.

It was hard for me to leave the Moroccan pavilion as I set my eyes on some wares that would look wonderful in our home ... thankfully I restrained myself, as I've only brought a smallish case and there would have been no place for those amazing ornaments read tagine  .... it was hard to walk away.

We also had a fun ride on the carousel (in the extra).

I always love my visits to Global village and today did not disappoint.

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