Dereliction in the Rain

Twelve days ago, as we drove along a country road in South Carolina around dusk, I saw this house.  I didn’t have the heart to stop the car as we had been in it for 8 hours and were very close to our destination so I parked this somewhere in the back of my brain.  This morning as we were leaving Charleston, we drove reverse along this road again, and I mentioned that if I saw the house, I would like to stop.  Sure enough, I saw it, and my husband dutifully pulled the car over so I could hop out in the rain and get a few shots.  I have to admit, it looked so much better in the golden evening light 12 days ago, but I knew it might be my only chance for any kind of blip today.  My husband’s only response was “I can’t believe you remembered this and where it was.” 

We have arrived home and if feels so wonderful to be here.  The last 60 miles of the trip were torture as we hit terrible traffic between Richmond and D.C. and it added almost another hour to what should have been an 8 hour trip.  Sleeping in my own bed tonight…..priceless. 

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