Words (MM218)

Words, as in Key-words ..... As time has gone by I find my memory is not what is once was and making notes of things I want to remember to do, or possibly do again is becoming part of daily life ... so I have several notebooks tucked into camera bags and the like.  I tend to use the app Evernote for things which can be cut&pasted so a lot of the more instruction manual type info tends to end up there. 

In my previous job, I organised and/or attended lots of meeting, mostly with suppliers.  That generally involved remembering what I, or someone else,  had promised to do which in turn led me to making notes as the meetings went along.  I used a conventional notebook for that as trying to type and listen while ignoring the 'new email' widget was beyond me. I was always surprised by the number of enquiries I would receive after a couple of days along the lines of     'that meeting we went to,  the one you wrote everything down in .... what was it BT promised to do about that circuit, and what was the circuit reference? ... '

So perhaps there is not much wrong with my memory after all :-)

Overnight was the last shift of the heavy week in my work rota - so I  should  be able to catch up on comments and experiment with my 10 stop ND filter this week :-) 

Mono Monday, on the theme of words this week, is hosted by Nikkimags888.

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