Plus ça change...

By SooB

Fairy tale

Spotted a deer in the garden this morning (this one, I think) and he was back again when the kids came home this evening - with a female in tow.  You'll see our 'pet' pheasant at the bottom of the shot.

The title was TallGirl's comment on the scene.  Not sure I'll agree with her when I discover which of my plants they've been eating...

Otherwise, a day of some work, some arty-fartiness (have finished the picture for CarbBoy's room which I may show you on the next slow-blip day), some planning, and some catch up reading of interesting stuff that's being piling up lately.

The weather is, happily, a little warmer - though certainly not what you might call warm - and tonight I hear the frogs singing outside.  

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